SQBA — is an analytical service
with segmentation and cohort analysis.
It allows you to configure your
iOS apps for individual user groups
in a blink of an eye without resubmitting
your apps to the AppStore.

Segmentation and user groups


There are two types of user filters: built-in (language, device, cohort, session length, etc.) and app-specific based on your demands (player rating, artifacts collection, skin color, etc.).


Filters-based user segmentation. Smart built-in groups: paying users, social users, ad-watchers, inactive. True power comes with custom groups based on custom filters (players with high rating, users in red skin, etc.).


SQBA is excellent tool for mobile apps
and games using f2p monetization model
aimed to increase ARPPU and conversion.

Fine tune for individual users

Game balance and economy

Edit your configuration files for individual user groups. For example you can change prices, titles and descriptions, game balance, artifact lists, etc.


Change any app's resource file for individual user groups. For example you can change splash-screens, textures, sounds, etc.


Smart tools


Main economic and behavior metrics are presented in a simple and clear way for each user group. It will help to find tight places of your app and reveal control wheels efficiency.

Primary indicators are always on hand.


Spot or mass pushes delivery for different groups. Configure localizations and get efficiency feedback.

Remind your users about new version. Keep paying users informed about new discounts.

Testing and launch

Simply send your testers special link and they will be able to get updates with a single tap, change their groups, test and react.

Apply changes for all users instantly. Tune your game balance or change shop prices in a couple minutes.


SQBA in every app!


  • All app economy in a handy way
  • Cohort analysis from a box
  • A/B testing
  • Targeted pushes delivery
  • Configuring app on the fly

Special project

starting $700

  • Custom dashboards
  • AppsFlyer integration
  • Dedicated server
  • Individual analytics

Intellectual analytics

starting $700 per month

  • Monthly promo channels analysis
  • Categorized apps market analytics
  • Internal analytics services integration